Specialist in custom design of Inflatable Rubber Dams and Spillway Gates

Dyrhoff has been successfully completing projects across various countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa since 2005, showcasing our global reach.
Payette River Basin, Emmett Dam for Irrigation

About Dyrhoff

Dyrhoff specializes in inflatable rubber dams and spillway gates, with a history dating back to 1989 in Europe. In 2003, we acquired Sumigate from Sumitomo Electric, a global leader in rubber dams. Dyrhoff's rubber dams follow Japanese Technical Standards. They are also the main European agent for Obermeyer Hydro spillway gates, offering complete systems and steel component manufacturing. Dyrhoff provides flexible services, including full-turnkey solutions and impartial advice on gate systems for various applications.




Our Products

Inflatable Dams

The rubber dam is a permanent structure comprising a sheet of rubber-coated fabric which is fixed to a reinforced concrete foundation using clamp plates and anchor bolts. The rubber dam is inflated by pumping air or water inside the rubber body until the design height or pressure is reached. It is deflated by allowing the air or water inside the rubber body to escape.

Spillway Gates

Spillway gats are a row of steel gate panels supported on their downstream side by inflatable air bladders. By controlling the pressure in the bladders, the pond elevation maintained by the gates can be infinitely adjusted within the system control range (full inflation to full deflation) and accurately maintained at user-selected set-points.

Why use Dyrhoff?

Dyrhoff excels in water control structures, boasting over 30+ years of specialized expertise in designing inflatable rubber dams and spillway gates. With a global presence, reputable partnerships, on-site supervision, and a commitment to continuous improvement through active research and development, Dyrhoff offers unparalleled solutions.