Dyrhoff specialises in the design and supply of inflatable rubber dams and spillway gates. The company has been involved in rubber dam business in Europe since 1989 and in spillway gate business since 1997. In 2003, Dyrhoff took over the Sumigate rubber dam business from the Japanese company, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. At the time, Sumitomo Electric was the world’s leading manufacturer of inflatable rubber dams.

The Dyrhoff rubber dam is designed by Dyrhoff in Europe using design know-how acquired from Sumitomo Electric. All our rubber dam components are designed and manufactured according to the Japanese Technical Standards on inflatable rubber dams.

Dyrhoff is also the main European agent for the Obermeyer Hydro spillway gate. We supply complete spillway gate systems according to Obermeyer Hydro’s design. Steel components for the spillway gate such as gate panels, abutment plates and steel embeds can be manufactured in house in our workshop in Elverum, Norway or, depending on the location of the project, outsourced to local companies.

Dyrhoff can work on a supply-only or full-turnkey basis. Furthermore, Dyrhoff can supply all or part of the rubber dam or spillway gate system as required. Dyrhoff can give independent and impartial advice on the best type of gate system for a particular application or location without being tied to a specific rubber dam or spillway gate manufacturer.

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