Installation of Le Bosche Gate is Completed

In 2015, Dyrhoff was selected to supply the pneumatic gate for Le Bosche small hydropower plant on the Oglio River in Northern Italy.  Dyrhoff worked with Obermeyer and the consultant to design a special type of gate to better manage flow and level regulation. The gate measured 1.1m high by 53.75m wide and included slots in the tops of the gate panels to enable fine regulation of downstream water flows.


Fig. 1: Le Bosche installation in progress, with preliminary inflation tests of the bladders

The purpose of the gate at Le Bosche is to control the upstream river water level so that a constant head is provided at the hydropower plant. This gate is capable of raising the water level of the river by up to 1.10m with no overtopping. In normal conditions, the gate will raise the water level by 1.00 m. The gate is designed to be operated primarily in automatic mode, though it can be set to manual mode for inspection or maintenance operations. It can be fully inflated or deflated in 30 minutes or less.


Fig. 2: Le Bosche undergoes commissioning