Dyrhoff launches FastDam at London’s Flood Expo

Dyrhoff showcased its new FastDam at London’s Flood Expo conference on 14-15th October.

Dyrhoff’s FastDam (TM) inflatable flood barrier is manufactured in the UK from durable polymer-coated synthetic fabric and is designed to be air inflated. A simple clamping system anchors FastDam to the ground and walls. FastDam is a self-supporting structure that can span wide openings without the need for intermediate pillars or stanchions. FastDam is considerably quicker to deploy than sandbags and is sealed on three sides.



•Lightweight and reusable

•Easily stored and transported

•Simple and fast deployment

•Self-supporting over long lengths

•Builds on 60 years of proven technology


Dyrhoff has been supplying inflatable rubber dams for rivers for over two decades and has developed the FastDam barrier using similar principles. Rubber dams are a well-established water control solution, having been installed at over 5000 locations worldwide since their development in the USA in the 1950s.

APPLICATIONS FastDam is designed to protect infrastructure such as:

•Walled roadways

•Flood wall gateways

•Underground facilities


•Railway stations

•Schools and hospitals


FastDam is clamped to the roadway using flat steel bars on the flood water side. These are bolted into place, effectively sealing the FastDam. FastDam is then inflated from the dry side using off-the-shelf air pumps or blowers. Inflation for a 1m high x 5m wide FastDam is typically around 10 minutes. A non-return valve allows topping up of the FastDam if necessary but this should not be needed for several days.

In advance of deployment, drop-in threaded anchors will need to be placed in the ground to receive the clamp bolts. These are capped off when not in use. Slide-in channels are fixed to the walls to allow quick deployment. FastDam is manufactured to suit specific site requirements, ensuring a perfect fit and optimum protection. In order to design and price your FastDam, we only require a simple set of measurements and photos of the location.

For further information on this new product please contact us.