Boralex Commissions its second Dyrhoff rubber dam at its Buckingham City Hydropower plant

Canadian energy producer Boralex, whose core business is dedicated to renewable energy, commissioned their latest rubber dam at the Buckingham City power plant near Gatineau, Quebec. This is the second contract completed with Dyrhoff Ltd. The new rubber dam provides the 10MW power plant with a fully automated inflatable flashboard system, and follows on from the successful design and supply, also by Dyrhoff, of an inflatable flashboard system at Boralex’ 2MW East Angus hydro power plant in 2012.

Many hydroelectric plant operators using traditional, manually operated flashboard systems are now turning to this well proven technology as it requires a relatively low capital investment and can easily be adapted to existing structures.

The new technology offers dam owners the increased storage capacity needed to optimise hydroelectric generation, enabling operators to increase or decrease the effective height of the dam remotely and safely.

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Another key attribute of inflatable rubber dams is their minimal impact on the environment. They use no lubricants, have practically no moving parts and do not require painting, keeping maintenance to a minimum.